Milking machines

We specialise in selling, installing and servicing milking machines in Wairarapa

If you are the owner of a property that produces milk, a high quality milking machine is critical. Luckily Cotter & Stevens can assist in all aspects of purchasing and maintaining milking machines. Based in Wairarapa, our experts are ready to assist you.


Different businesses or domestic properties that produce milk have different requirements when it comes to milking machines. This is often dependent on how many cows and how much space the property has. Our team will help to design the most appropriate milking machine for your property in Wairarapa.


Our team can also take care of the installation of your milking machine. This will be handled by experienced electrical contractors who will make sure that your machine is installed safely and correctly. For any questions in regards to the installation process, contact us in Wairarapa today.


Milking machines are often continuously in operation, or in operation for many hours a day. In order to prevent breakdowns from occurring or any other problems, regular servicing is highly recommended. If you are already the owner of a milking machine, contact us today and schedule a servicing.
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